Friday, November 6, 2009

Graphing Ordered Pairs/ Finding Slope

Here is a fun activity for graphing ordered pairs. Students get lots of practice graphing ordered pairs and have so much fun creating different designs that they don’t realize that they are actually doing more work than they would normally have done in their math book! Students are asked to create a linear design that covers all four quadrants of the Coordinate Plane. Once students have done this, they are to list at least 20 ordered pairs from their design. Students then give this list of ordered pairs to a friend to graph. If the friend’s graph matches their original design on their graph, they are done and the design can be displayed on the board. Students’ personalities are displayed in the fun designs that they create.

This activity can easily be turned into an Algebra activity by having students find the slope between two points in their designs and labeling the slopes on their graph pictures.

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