Friday, November 20, 2009

Singing in Math Class

After attending a workshop a couple of years ago on using music to support learning in the classroom, I was hooked. I immediately began writing songs of my own to cover topics in the math classroom. I have found that the songs that students remember the most are those that are sung to familiar tunes such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat". Using these types of  tunes helps to keep your song short and focused on the topic as well as easy to remember for the students. Last night on the way to a KU basketball game, I heard the song "Macho Man" playing on the radio. We have been studying Powers and Exponents in class, and so I wrote this song. Students love singing and adding in motions to songs. Can't you imagine how much fun middle school students will have with this one?

 Macho Math
 “Macho Man"
By Christy Roitz

Refrain: Macho, Macho Math
            I just want to do Macho Math
            Macho, Macho Math
            I just want to be Macho!

Powers with same bases that you need to multiply,
Use Power of Products Property, add exponents to get it right.

When you get those powers but you need to divide,
Just subtract exponents and you will do fine.

Negative Exponents are things math teachers hate,
Make exponents positive when you reciprocate.

The Zero Power Property fools almost everyone
Remember powers to a zero Always equals ONE!

Hey-Hey-Hey, Hey, Hey!


I now have over twenty-one pages of songs that I have written for topics such as integer operations, properties, slope, quadratic equations, inequalities, formulas, etc. Former students often comment on how singing helped them to remember their math and made math fun. may hear humming when students are working on homework in the classroom! Check out my Glog.

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