Saturday, December 12, 2009

Graphing Linear Equations

This past week I covered for another math teacher at my school. I introduced myself to the class and before I could start the lesson one of the students said, "Oh you are the singing math teacher!". Well, I am not the only one. Both my partner and I sing a lot and have found the benefits for our students in the classroom. Not only are students remembering the information better, but they seem to enjoy class just a bit more. I have heard humming in my class when students are working on their homework- (I love that!), and I have had several former students email me asking me to send my songs to them or their teacher. Here is a graphing song that I picked up at a conference that my students love. They love to keep the beat by clapping on their desks.

We Will Graph You

(We Will Rock You)
Buddy you’re tryin’ to draw the line
For the m and the b that we’re assigned:
Ain’t hard you see, put your pencil on the b,
One more point will guarantee that …

We will, we will, graph you!
We will, we will, graph you!

So now you know the y-intercept;
Here’s how we find the rest of it:
Up with rise, across for run,
Plot another point and when your done sing…
We have, we have graphed you!
We have, we have graphed you!

Of course I have to include the Slope-Intercept song sung to YMCA. My students love to stand to sing this one and we motion to the Y is M X plus B. Girls start out singing to the guys, and then the guys sing to the girls. We all join in for the motions and the chorus.

Slope-Intercept Song
Young man, are you ready to learn?

I said, young man, you’ll sing or you’ll burn
I said, young man, now it’s your turn.
Let’s do the Slope-Intercept form!

Young girl, we need to graph a straight line.
Young girl, we will have a great time.
I said young girl, there’s no reason to whine.
There’s no reason to be unhappy!

It’s fun to graph
Y= MX + B,
Y = MX + B,
The bigger m is, the steeper the line,
You’ll learn about it ev-er-y time.

2nd Chorus:

Slope is rise over run,
It’s just way too much fun.
You’ll cry about it when we are done!

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