Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Have/ Who Has? Review Activities

Math Wire has a nice selection of already made "I have/Who has?" cards ready to print off and use in the classroom. I have found that this is a nice way to start out class to review basic facts, math vocabulary, etc., because it takes just 5-10 minutes to complete and helps to get the class focused and ready for the day. My teaching partner came up with a great variation of this activity to use as another way to review for an upcoming test. This activity takes up the whole class period, is self-checking, and keeps students on task with little effort from the teacher. Basically, you create around twenty or so "I Have/ Who Has?" type folders with an answer on the outside of the folder, and an equation to solve inside the folder. You can get these problems from the chapter review in your math text. Folders are displayed around the room with the answers showing and the students are given a sheet of paper each with one of the answers on the top of their paper. The student will start out at the folder with the answer that is on their paper. They open up the folder and then solve the problem inside the folder and show the work on their paper. When they solve the problem, the answer to the problem should be on the outside of another folder in the room and they will move on to that folder next. If they do not see the answer on one of the folders, they will know that they must have made a mistake in their calculations and will need to go back and re-work the problem. What is so nice about this activity is that it gets students up and moving around the room, and it has them working quietly on their own and getting lots of math done at the same time. Everyone is busy and occupied trying to get all of the problems completed before the end of class. The teacher can basically sit back and help those students who might be having problems. Just make sure that when you make the folders, that your answers lead to another folder, and that the last problem to solve takes you back to the first answer you start with.

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