Thursday, December 17, 2009

Station-to-Station Math Review

This is a super review activity for the end of a chapter or for the end of the semester. It is also a great activity to leave for a sub because it keeps your class busy and out of trouble. I have tried this station review numerous times and have shared this activity with the other math teachers at my school. We are always amazed at how well the students work together, how much they get done during class, and how quiet and well behaved the students are while moving from station to station. Just a little bit of preparation ahead of time by the teacher and you will be set. I generally make around 6-7 folders, with enough problems inside to keep students busy for about 5-7 minutes on each folder. Included in each folder should be the answers from the previous station. (i.e. Station 2 will have station 1 answers, Station 3 will have station 2 answers, etc.-Station 1 will have the last stations' answers.) Number the folders and place them around the room. Assign students to groups of 3-4 depending on how many folders you have made for the activity, and assign each group to start at a certain station. After about 5 or so minutes have the student groups move to the next station. When they begin work at the next station, students should correct their work from the station they just completed before they start the work at their new station. This way, students can check their work and see those areas they might need to review that night before the test . By the end of the class period, students will have had a good review of the material and had quite a bit of practice for the upcoming test. They will also have a pretty good idea of how well they know the material because they will have already checked their work as they move from station to station. Having the answers inside the folder at the next station keeps students honest and helps encourage them to work with their partners or group to help them solve the problem instead of just looking up the answer. By the end of class, both the student and the teacher will know what areas they might need to review or study for the test. Try it- I am positive that you will like it. I have had subs thank me for leaving this activity...and my students like it too!

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