Saturday, February 20, 2010

March Madness Review

I have been in a funk lately. Too much snow...too many overcast days...too much stress over how my students will do on the state assessment test this year. I think only teachers that are responsible for teaching a class that is tested every year knows what I mean about the pressure you feel about this time of the school year. All this snow is just making it worse! I have several strategies that I use to help my students prepare for the state assessments. Starting in January, we review one tested indicator for about the first 5 minutes or so of class everyday before moving on to our regular math lesson. Students keep notes and samples of these reviews in a foldable that they can use as a study guide to review on their own when possible. It usually takes me right up to the beginning of March to cover all of the tested indicators in this fashion. I usually get pretty serious about review after Spring Break. This is when I will take one day out of the week for some type of review activity. "March Madness Review" is one of  my favorites. Students have to do all the work, they get to move a little, and they have lots of fun reviewing. I get around 10-15 released questions from the state and make copies of these on separate sheets of paper for the game. Pass out just one question to start off. When students have solved their problem, they come up to me to check it. If they have missed it, I give them suggestions and they go back to correct their work. If the student gets the answer correct, they get to wad up their paper into a basketball and toss it into the trash can. I have a 1-point, 2-point, and 3-point mark for students to stand at. They keep track of their scores. After tossing, students pick up another review problem and continue on until the end of class. The "goal" of course is to have a classroom of "champions". I just want the assessment to be over and done with...but this game makes me smile everytime!

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  1. I love the idea! Anytime you allow students to wad up a paper and launch it across the room, they will be motivated and want to do the problems correctly.