Monday, February 22, 2010

Math Whammy Review

Math Whammy is a review game created my Heather Hart. She presented it at a NCTM conference some years ago, and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. All you need is a Whammy Game Board, and a set of dice labeled 1-6, and A thru F. You will also need  lots of junk to use for prizes when you play. You will notice on the game board that the game calls for prizes of pencils, pens, papers, stickers, candy, etc. I just use the old pencils and pens, left behind in my classroom...paper that I want to recycle...real pennies....candy or gum...paper clips...old school pictures of myself...and any fun things I pick up at conferences as fun prizes. Divide your class up into teams made up of 3-4 students each. I put review problems on the screen and students work together in their group to solve. All students are to work out the problem and agree on an answer before one of the team members comes to my desk. They take turns doing this. If correct, the students roll the dice for prizes. Prizes are saved until the end of class in case a team has to return a prize. If their answer is wrong, they have to give one of their prizes back- and they get to choose which one to give back. The fun thing about this game is that if a person lands on Whammy, the team has to give all of the prizes back that their team has accumulated throughout the class. There are lots of "Whammys" on the board, so there is lots of risk involved. When they land on Prize, they get to select any prize that I have put out. Lots of fun for everyone- and a great chance to review for tests.

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