Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Face the Expert Review

I got the idea for this review activity from Kate Nowak, in her blog, f(t). I think she called it "Speed Dating", so I changed the name but not much else so my middle schoolers could handle it. The review activity was such a success I thought that I would share it in my blog just in case people coming to my blog might not have seen Kate's blog. If you get a chance- take a look at f(t). I think Kate's blog  is one of the best. Make out a series of notecards ahead of time with a math problem on the front, and the answer for the problem on the back. You should have enough for each student to have a card. The only other thing you need to do is set up your classroom with a row of desks facing another row of desks to create a section. (I have an odd shaped room, so I made 3 sections with 5 students sitting directly across from another 5 students to complete a section.) Give each student a card. They should answer the card on a separate sheet of paper and then check their answer with the correct answer on the back of the card. If they need help, they can ask for it from me, or students can look up how to solve the problem in their notes. Basically, they need to become the "expert" for their card, and be able to explain how to solve it to another student. Once this first step of the game is complete, the fun begins for the students, and you the teacher can watch! Students sitting across from each other will solve each other's math card. If they need help the "expert" student helps out. After a few minutes, I call for half of students in the section to move. To do this in an organized fashion, half of the section stays put (i.e. the kids facing the door), and the other half of the student section moves over one desk (i.e. the students facing the window). You can have one section of students move to another section in order to allow students to move completely around the room and gets lots of questions reviewed. Students take their question with them that they are the expert on. The whole process repeats with each other solving the other student's card. At the end of the class period, the students will be an expert on their review question as well as a few others. Students should also have gotten lots of practice on other review questions with help from the "expert" sitting across from them. My students actually came up with the name...I called it "Ask the Expert"...and they suggested "Face Off"...and then they blended the two together. Whatever you decide to call it, try it out. Not much work for the teacher, but big rewards for the students with practice and fun.

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