Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Plans

I have just completed my 25th year of teaching and I have discovered that some things never change. Whether as a student or a teacher, I have always looked forward to the end of the school year and summer vacation. It is nice to reflect at the end of the year my students' progress throughout the school year as well as to review the activities/lessons that were successful or needed improvement. What better place to reflect than sitting by the pool or in the comfort of my air-conditioned home with the smell of something great coming from the kitchen...on my own schedule?! This last week I have "unplugged" myself from my blog and have just enjoyed the peace and quiet- and my grandbabies. I love summer! Summer plans include spending time with my family, friends, and hopefully some travel- but my summer vacation also includes planning for next year. I have already started putting together my classroom "makeover" ideas for next year. Part of this will include spending time digging into some of the blogs I love to follow. I am still new to blogging- I just started my own blog this last fall- and I have so much to learn! I want to spend more time planning problem solving activities that empower my students' thinking, using media like I see in dy/dan, Dan Meyer's math blog. I really want to spend more time checking out all the great ideas/lessons included in Sweeney Math, The Exponential Curve, and Math Teacher Mambo. All three of these blogs are my very favorites. They seem to have just what I need for use in my classroom. With more time on my hands this summer, I will be able to dig a little deeper into their blogs for ideas that I might have missed over this past year...Awesome! I also love to read Kate Nowak's f(t) blog. I am jealous that she has been teaching for only five years and is such an incredible teacher already. Speaking of young teachers, I love Miss Calcul8's Blog too. She has a great teaching career ahead of her, and her students are lucky to have her. I might find some new blogs to follow or math sites for my classroom as well. It is nice to have time to review, renew, and create "math makeover" ideas over the summer. I think I know that when I stop looking forward to planning for next year and my new students, it will be time to look for another line of work.

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  1. I agree, I'm envious of the innovation these young teachers have. How cool is Kate Nowak's "Speed dating" activity? Definitely a keeper.

    Enjoy your summer. The end and then the beginning ARE THE BEST PARTS OF THE JOB! (caps intended)