Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear 8th Grader,

"Welcome to Algebra 1. You are in for an amazing year! By the end of the year you will be so surprised at all you have learned. Be ready for..."

On the last day of school each year I always give my Algebra students a writing assignment. They are to write a note to the next year's 8th graders that includes hints for how to be successful in my math classroom, along with naming topics that were their favorite or maybe gave them the most trouble, as well as suggestions on how to get along with me! I save these letters and put them on the desks of my new students on their very first day of school. It is nice to give the new students something to read on that first day while everyone is getting settled in...their very own individual letter. Hopefully the letters make them less worried about the coming year and maybe even smile a bit. I have had students who hold on to these letters all year long! I myself am having a fun time reading over my former students' thoughts and recommendations for my incoming students. I love reading what my former students had to say about their year in my class. It is a good way to reflect over my teaching when making plans for the new year as well as remembering the  group of students I have sent on to the high school this year. I know they are ready!

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