Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do the Integer Hustle

This idea for working with integers came from my teaching partner's daughter, who is also a middle school math teacher in another district.  She is just beginning her teaching career and is off to an awesome start. I am sure her students love this math lesson that she shared... The integer hustle sounds like just the perfect idea for learning about integers in a middle school classroom. All students have a number line on a floor and start on zero. To the tune of "The Hustle", the teacher will give different values such as positive 3. Students will move from zero to the right til they get to 3, and say "Do the Hustle!" when they get there. Students move to the left for negative numbers. Let's say a student is on 3 and is given the number negative 7. The students will move from 3 to the left 7 spaces (always spin in a circle when you pass over zero!), and will end up on negative 4. I'm ready to get out my  70's music right now and start dancing. Sounds like a fun and active lesson for the beginning of the school year to me!

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  1. This is wonderful. I cannot wait to use this. I have said that if there is one thing I wish my students would know and never forget it would be Integers. This seems to be at the root of so many of their frustrations in Algebra. Education/Technology Blog