Friday, August 20, 2010

A Great Start

This year I started off my algebra class using an idea I borrowed from dy/dan. I had read about it last year and have been waiting ever since to try it out! I created a powerpoint that had a sentence written in several different languages and the students had to guess the language. This was fun and caught the students' interest right away. I followed up this activity with asking them for the language of a final was a mathematical equation...and of course the language was math! Their eyes opened wide and lots of connections were made. We talked about how the English language has parts of speech and rules that we follow for punctuation, etc., and this lead right into Order of Operations, Properties, and integer rules. For our assignment we created a number line that now hangs at the front of our class, an idea I got from Math Stories. And we are off....a great beginning for a new school year!


  1. I'm waiting for school to start (next Monday) I'm doing the same thing with the number line. Didn't see the idea about sentences in different languages -- leaving to find that one and create my powerpoint. Thanks for the reminders! Have a great year!

  2. I just found your blog and am loving it! I start my first year on Monday and would love to try this idea out. I would really like to hear more about the number line that you created with your students. Thanks!!

  3. Erin- After talking about the Real Number System and Integers, I assigned each student a number for the class number line that I would display for the year. I encouraged them to use as much color and creativity as they liked while making sure their number would be visible from the back of the room. To make sure that all numbers were about the same size the sheet of paper for their number had a box to put their number inside, which kept the numbers approximately the same size. When the numbers were turned in I laminated them and hung them at the front of the room. Have a great year!