Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top 25 Blogs For Math in the Classroom

When I started my blog a few months ago I used lists like The Top 25 Blogs for Math in the Classroom to find other math blogs to follow. Blogging has opened up my world to all sorts of new ideas and strategies that I use in my classroom. I have a list of new things I want to do this year already! I have learned more from my fellow bloggers than I could ever have imagined. I would encourage any teacher to find blogs that interest them and inspire them to be better. I can guarantee that your learning will grow exponentially when you start following blogs that interest you.

This morning when I checked my email I was notified that my math blog was on the list. What a nice surprise and an honor to even be included in the list...Even better, I have found some other blogs on this list to check out!

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