Friday, October 29, 2010

Why I Love Blogging

Yesterday my classroom was a fun place to be thanks to MathTales from the Spring, one of the blogs I follow. I was planning on a review day for an upcoming test in Algebra, and she happened to share her Ghosts in the Graveyard review. Perfect timing! I decorated my whiteboard with funny tombstones hidden behind my projector screen and got everything prepared. I wish you could have seen the smiles on their faces when I lifted the screen and explained what we were about to do! I changed things around a little bit to fit my needs. Instead of dividing students into groups, I had students work individually on whiteboards. Instead of putting problems on ghosts, I created six different review sheets that I had copied on different color paper. Each sheet had a different Halloween character with two or three review problems on the sheet depending on the difficulty. When students solved their problems they brought their whiteboards up to me. If all work was correct, they got to sign their name on a ghost and put it into a trick-or-treat bag. If they had made a mistake, I was able to visit with them and offer suggestions so that they could go back and correct things. After completing a card, they could then select another card (using different colored paper, and different characters kept this simple) and continue on. The more cards completed correctly, the more opportunities to earn a ghost to put in the bag. I was amazed at how excited students got about earning a ghost. Students who finished all cards before the end of class (only a few) could help other students who were stuck on a problem if asked. At the end of class I drew ghosts from the bag for prizes that students could pick from...some of my homemade cookies...pencils...little junk I keep for times just like this. We got some good review in, but the  the smiles and laughs from the students was the best part of all.


  1. Great idea. I hope someday to get to a point where I can plan things like this. Right now I am just trying to plan the lessons (first time teaching Geometry). Glad it worked out for you.

  2. Thanks for the shout out and I am so glad you enjoyed the activity. My kids had so much fun too! They were actually upset when I said it was time to stop the game and tally the points. I couldn't believe it when I heard my "at-risk" class ask to do "just one more problem"!

    Mrs. H