Thursday, December 2, 2010


Looking for another review activity before the end of the semester that keeps all students involved and provides lots of practice opportunities? Have a Showdown!  Create a set of review problems for the class to solve ahead of time. I usually just project the problems onto the whiteboard, but you could also make decks of cards with the review problems on them instead. Divide your class into groups of 4 or so and select a team captain in each group.(This job can be rotated around if you like.) Each group will need to determine a quiet signal to show their team captain that they have completed the math problem. i.e. Tug their ear, thumbs up,...students come up with some pretty clever signals! Each member of every team works on the math problem. Once they solve it, they give their captain their team signal. Once all team members have given the signal, they share their answers with each other. This can be pretty comical, but the nice thing about their signals is that the room is nice and quiet! If the team disagrees on the answer, the team members coach each other until they agree on one answer. Once the team agrees on an answer, the captain says, "Showdown"!  The first team that says "showdown" with the correct answer earns a point for their team. The team with the most points at the end of the review wins a fun prize. I give out a free homework pass...doesn't cost me anything, and I hand these out so rarely, the students think it is a real treat. I guarantee your entire class will be involved in the review, and probably have a good time while they are at it.

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