Friday, May 6, 2011

I Know

Here is a variation on Bingo to use as a math review activity. I haven't played it in a couple of years, and I forgot how fun it can be. It is super simple to prepare for and best of all it requires every student to participate in the review. I create game cards with IKNOW replacing Bingo at the top. Students fill in the "I Know" game card with numbers 1-24 and a free space in any order that they want. Once students have their game cards prepared, I put review problems on the board for students to solve on their whiteboards. Students leave their boards on their desk until I ask for students to show if they "Know" the answer. Only students who get the answer correct can cross out a number that I call out. The nice thing about having students "show what they Know" on whiteboards is that I get a really good idea of what students understand and what they might need additional work on before the test.When students get five boxes in a row on their game card they call out "I Know!" I always keep a bunch of fun rewards and prizes around to pass out to the winners. This game will keep everyone involved and allow for plenty of quality review at the same time.

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