Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Want to spice up a powerpoint for your math class? Knovio might be something you want to check out. Knovio is a free site that allows you to turn your powerpoints into video presentations. Simply upload your powerpoint and then record yourself as you narrate your class through the powerpoint presentation. If your computer has a Web camera you will have a video of yourself to the side of the powerpoint. while the powerpoint lesson progresses. I shared this site on my Technology blog but thought I should share it here as well because there are all sorts of possibilities for this in the math classroom. I created a video using a powerpoint and Knovio and left it for a substitute to use for my classes one afternoon. You could also upload your video to a blog or class website- really nice for kids that are absent to watch on their own and catch up. Not a whole lot of extra work involved and my students liked it.

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  1. Knovio just got better!

    Knovio – just released publicly this week – makes it incredibly easy for anyone to create, edit, and share online video presentations in minutes. Here’s a link to the press release:

    It’s free to use – all you need is a PowerPoint deck, webcam, and Internet.
    Check it out at
    I hope you'll give Knovio a spin, and share your impressions.