Monday, October 17, 2011


National Mix-It-Up at Lunch Day is tomorrow. My school's Student Advisory Council has a fun activity planned for how to separate up the tables and students tomorrow. We had an activity earlier this month about labeling and name-calling and how these labels stay with us for a long time and for many of us for the rest of our lives. Tomorrow we will be using labels of empowerment to separate our students- giving them labels such as "smart", "hard-worker", "friend", etc. to match up with corresponding labels at the tables and hopefully meet some new people at lunch. Keeping with the mix-it-up theme and in preparation for tomorrow, I had my students get up and move around a bit in math class today. We are working on finding slope between two ordered pairs using the Slope Formula. I had each student write down their favorite ordered pair on a whiteboard and pair up with various students around the room, finding the slope between their two ordered pairs. The nice part about this activity was that it was somewhat self-checking. Partners should have gotten the same answer- so if they didn't, they knew that one of them had made a mistake and they could look things over and make corrections together. It is always fun to shake things up and move around a bit- especially in math class!

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