Sunday, October 16, 2011


Send your students to the grocery store with their parents to do a little more investigating on their own using proportions to find the unit price of items they purchase. What is the price per hot dog bun? If you could purchase just the amount of hot dog buns that you needed for your family, what would that cost? Extend the activity to include more food items such as cookies, pop tarts, instant oatmeal or hot chocolate...the list goes on. How would the total amount you spend on your groceries differ if you were allowed to purchase just the amount you needed to feed your family? Give students some time to process their information for sharing with the class. Encourage them to share their results in creative ways such as Glogster, Blabberize, or Juxio. Both students and their families will have fun with their discoveries on this trip to the grocery store!

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  1. I love this clip in the classroom! We use it to discuss least common multiple and I ask the kids how many packages of each George needs to buy to have the same number of hot dogs and buns. The kids figure it out and the objective teaches itself :)