Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Better Late Than Never- Made 4 Math Monday #1

I have this clock in my math classroom that gets everyones attention. I love it. When you walk into my class it is right in the front of the room above my whiteboard. When students come into my classroom they are expected to get out their math spirals and get prepared for class. Everything they need to know about what is about to take place that day is on my whiteboard underneath the date with an inspirational "thought for the day". After I got this clock a couple of years ago I was inspired to write the date as a "mini" math problem for my students to solve. For example, there are lots of ways to say the number two! Depending on your level of math students and topic you are studying every date can be a fun problem solving activity- and it costs nothing but a little bit of your time! Working on Order of Operations? Fractions? Integers? Proportions? Slope? Polynomials? You can make your date a problem for your students to figure out. i.e. July -3 - (-5),  July 6 pid = 12 pi, July- slope between points (-2,1), (-1,3). You get the idea. Anyway, my middle school students love this.They always comment about the date. One of my favorite comments last year was, "Man, you always make us think. I am going to try to remember to look at the calendar before I come to algebra!"


  1. I made a paper overlay for my clock that is similar to what you have, but it's hard to see from more than 10 feet away :( But anyways, thanks for the date idea. That's one new thing I'll will do this year!

  2. Great idea! I'll definitely give this a try in the upcoming year.