Monday, July 30, 2012

Made 4 Math #5- Show Off Student Work

Besides teaching math at my middle school I am also a part-time instructional coach for our staff. My summer ended last week. I am already back at work getting ready for the new teachers who will be here in just a week. One of my projects for the new teachers is a handy resource sheet containing all of the important email addresses, phone numbers, links, etc., for my school as well as space for writing down password and log in information for their class textbooks, teacher sites and such. Starting a new school year can be really crazy and I think it is nice to have all of this important information on one sheet of paper that can be put inside your teacher plan book. (Make sure that you never include your grade book password on a resource sheet or any other password that you would not want your students to possibly get a hold of.)

My Made 4 Math project this week is another idea I found on Pinterest. All you need is a paper towel holder, plastic sleeves, 3 rings, and student work. Really simple. I have enough sleeves for each of my algebra students and I can always add more if students need more than one for their work. I love to hang up my student work on the walls but I thought this project would be a nice way for me to save samples of  student work that I can keep on my teacher shelf once the papers come down. There could be lots of different ways to use this project. I am thinking about having students select the work they want to have in their sleeve that they can update as they wish during the school year. The student display would be easy to put on my table at teacher conferences for viewing. It is also a fun way to look back on favorite projects and lessons over the course of the school year. I plan on adding ABC tabs to make it easy to find individual student sleeves. Hope everyone has a great school year!


  1. I really like this idea. I have a unit in one of my classes on Math in Art, and I have 3 years worth of artworks. This would allow me to display them in a nice way.

    Thank you!

  2. I really like the idea of having the kids find work they want to share! Thanks so much!

  3. I saw this on pinterest and tried it as well, but I don't like the way the papers slump down. Have you found any solutions for it?

    Teaching and Tech

    1. I had the same problem so I used some extra card stock to hold things up nicely. That is the navy colored paper that you see in my sample. Once I start collecting papers from students it will not be seen.