Monday, July 9, 2012

Made 4 Math Monday #2 On a Roll!

Made 4 Math Monday has me preparing for back-to-school in July! This week's post has ideas inspired from Pinterest-stuff that I have pinned to my education board. Instead of just pinning, m4mm is getting me in the mood to create for my classroom now instead of putting it off until August. I already know that this August will be less stressful and I am so thankful for that!

One of the things I love about being a middle school teacher is that I don't have to do all of the fancy, time-consuming, and expensive classroom decorating that elementary teachers do. I taught at the elementary level for 14 years and just getting the room set up in August took me a full week before we were even to report back to work. It seemed like every month and holiday I was staying late after school to get my room looking the way I wanted it. Instead of bulletin boards, as a middle school teacher I can spend more time on curriculum but I have to admit, I do love a bright and cheerful classroom. I have stuff all over my walls and filling my shelves. I love to display student work....but that is about the only thing I change up as the year progresses. It's just that at the middle school level, I don't feel the need to change my room decorations a whole lot. When you get a new group of students every year- everything looks new to them!  For the last five years I have not even had to take down my classroom posters that decorate my walls. Anyway, for some reason before I left for the summer, I took everything down because I was just ready for a yes, I will be heading back a week ahead of time to get my room all set up and ready to go.

One of the things I made for my student supply center is this wine rack with plastic cups to hold colored pencils and magic markers- an idea I found on Pinterest. (All of my student supplies are at school so I just filled my cups with what I have at home.) I also bought some new Jayhawk art at an art festival here in Kansas this summer to add to my classroom jayhawk collection. I love it because the artist, Charlie Podrebarac, is the little brother of one of my college sorority sisters. It will look great with all of my Jayhawks!

I also got busy creating my own classroom posters using Picassa. Here is one of them:

and another:

Easy to do and you can say just exactly what you want! In addition to my posters, I made some math matching cards on Tarsia for my students to help them find their seat on that first day of school.  I have also been updating and adding to my Livebinders over the summer. Livebinders is a technology tool that I could not live without. These virtual filing cabinets give you access to all of your files, videos, pdf documents, etc. from any computer anywhere- and they are easy to share with others!


  1. Wow!! You've been a very busy busy teacher this week! And it's only Monday!!! :) Thanks so much for sharing - I love the wine rack idea!

  2. I love what the F A I L poster stands for. I like the wine rack idea too, but I thought when the rack is empty, you're supposed to fill it up with more wine bottles. :) Thanks, Christy!