Saturday, October 20, 2012

1st Quarter Report

The first quarter of the school year has flown by. Between adjusting to a new principal, helping train  staff with new updated technology, co-sponsoring our school's student council, implementing a new mentor program for the school's 6th graders, planning interesting lessons and aligning my curriculum with the common core, I have had little time or desire to blog. I am just too tired by the time I get home at night and to be honest, am still busy working at home finishing up what needs to be done before I head back to work the next day. Luckily for me I have a great group of students this year- probably the most polite group of young people ever. They come to class with positive attitudes and seem to enjoy the lessons I have planned. Something new that I have implemented with my students that I am most proud of this year are Interactive Notebooks.I picked up lots of ideas for INB's at Twitter Math Camp this summer. I am so impressed with how organized they are and how well my students are doing keeping them up. I collected the notebooks to grade this past week and was blown away by how nice they all looked. The content page and numbered pages help me to locate items that I am looking for when I grade. The right side of the notebook is used for class notes, foldables and "teacher input". The left side is for student practice and reflection. I even got a couple of positive comments about the notebooks from parents at parent-teacher conferences this past week. This is something that I will continue to work on and improve upon. I like the way Busyness Girl describes how she has students set up their class notebooks. I like how easy it is to find items for grading purposes. Here is a video that she created explaining how she has her students set things up in their learning notebooks. I have found that it takes very little time to grade student work using some of her strategies.

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