Friday, October 26, 2012

My Favorite iPad Apps

Our school district sent our teachers home last summer with an iPad. How great is that? I forgot to take it home from school last night for the first time and realized just how much I rely on it now instead of my laptop. I love my iPad! That being said, I do not find it to be the only tech tool that I depend on in my classroom. Our IT staff took away our Document Camera as well as our Interwrite/Smartboard with the intention of staff using the iPad Splashtop and camera for these purposes instead. Did I say I love my iPad already? I do- but I have to say it does not do as great a job as my Document Camera, and I have yet to find an app that works as well for me in my math classroom as my Interwrite. (If you know of a good whiteboard app please share!) The math teachers at my school revolted. The delay time with Splashtop really bothered us and we were able to get some of our Interwrites back- but the Interwrite tablets will not be replaced when they break down. My search for a perfect replacement began in earnest this August. Anyway, I thought "My Favorite Friday" would be a good day to share the apps that I would not want to do without on my iPad.

App Finder
Apps Gone Free- Everyday this app sends a list of apps that are free for a certain day or short period of time. I have found some great apps this way such as Pages Templates (normally $14.99), a variety of books, games, and more. A must have for your iPad.
Discovr Apps- Just type in a name/type of an app and hit search and you will get an array of similar apps that might be of interest to you. Another must have.
We Want Apps- You can select age, topic/subject, free/cost and find lots of great apps for the classroom here.

Math Apps 
These are what I use most for my middle school algebra classroom.
Quick Graph- Calc Pro HD- Free Graphing Calculator- Graphbook/ This is really cool!-Parabola- eSolver HD- Math References Free- Math Terms/Glossary-  Pre-Algebra (Barron's)- Easel Great! Algebra 1 Pro- I like it a lot. Algebra Boot Camp HD- Minds of Math- Haven't had time to check it out yet but it looks cool. Algebra Quiz-

Math Game Apps
Number Line- Nice practice for students.Tanzen Lite- Fun Seaquations- You might get "hooked" on this one. 32 HD- Good math practice site.Pick-a-Path- Students like this one. Math Doodles- I love the art on this.

Mindmapping Apps
Idea Sketch- Inspiration- Pearltrees- Tools 4 Students- Every graphic organizer you can imagine.Simple Minds- iBrainstorm

Productivity Apps
Evernote- Diigo-Dropbox- I love and use all three of these all the time to bookmark/store/create documents and so much more. Newsify-  My iPad Reader tool that keeps track of all the blogs I follow. Zite- Great way to keep up with Current Events. Customize the news you want to read about. Love this app! - Twitter- Pinterest- Photo Transfer- Transfer pictures between you phone, computer and iPad in an instant. Well worth the $1.99. I got it for free from Apps Gone Free- but can I say I would not want to live without this app on my iPad. iMovie- Prezi Viewer

Whiteboard Apps
Educreations- Create and record lessons for your students. Easy to share and free! Show Me- Another free app to create/record and share lessons.  Screen Chomp- I love how this whiteboard erases itself- cute!
All the above apps are great if all you need is a small amount of space for working problems. I have found them super user friendly. Problem is there is not enough space for multi-step math problems without creating all new pages- which is not optimal.
Capture Notes- neu.Annotate- Notability- Explain Everything- These all offer more than your basic whiteboard app.They all cost money. I have other favorites that do more. Notes Plus- $7.99 Sundry Notes- $2.99 These two are my favorites. You can access the internet and capture pages, (I love to capture samples from my online textbook), PDF documents, videos and more. Lots of tools, choices of paper, etc. available. Both give me the space that I need for working more complicated math problems...but I still prefer my Interwrite for ease of use and the many more tools it offers. Like I said earlier, if you have a great whiteboard app please share.

Classroom Apps
Wolfram Alpha- This app can answer just about any question you throw at it in seconds. If  I was a student this would definitely be on my iPad. Stop Go!- This stop light is a great tool to use as a timer for classroom activities. Dice- Select the number of dice you need and give it a roll. Mastery Connect Common Core- CCSS at your fingertips. BrainPOP- School Notes- Livebinders- I have several Livebinders that I have created. This app gives you access to your Livebinders as well as all the other Livebinders on the Livebinder site with just a tap of your finger.

Personal App Favorites
Qrafter- Simple to use and create QR codes for class activities. Kindle- Nice to be able to read my books on my iPad. Houzz- Love all the decorating ideas and tips/ home designs shared by professionals. Beautiful app. Pepperplate- Great way to create and share your own virtual cookbook. My daughters and I love it. Yelp*- Your iPad would not be complete without an app that helps you find the closest bank- movie theater- restaurant and more. Maps too!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Try Doceri for your whiteboard app. It is best I have found so far. I still like my Quomo pad better. But my school is making the same switch.

    1. Thanks! I will definitely check it out.

    2. I second that vote for the Doceri app. Use it every day in our math class!

  2. Thanks! I'm a senior in college and I'll be student teaching next year. Our program just got approved for a technology grant so each of the student teachers get an iPad to work with. I'm exciting to look at some of these apps! Also, I'm attempting to start my own teaching blog and if you have any advice or tips, I would love that, thanks!

  3. I use Upad to create and store all of my lessons. Upad allows you to upload and annotate on PDF files which I find very useful for going over worksheets and quizzes. I use Airserver to mirror my ipad through the projector. I highly recommend this set up.