Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Got my "grab bag" of goodies ready for my 6th graders this morning thanks to Algebra's Friend who shared this idea on her blog. Since this is the first year my students will not get to celebrate with a party at school, I thought this grab bag idea was genius!  I happen to start off the day with a super smart group of advanced 6th grade math students in a 30 minute study hall/homeroom period. Most of my students come to school with all of their work completed already, and since I figured today might be tough to keep them quiet, the grab bag idea which includes a fun integer Halloween worksheet along with a couple pieces of candy will hopefully keep them entertained while they get some fun math integer practice. Then it is off to the computer lab to create Halloween pictures using Desmos. Between these two activities there should be lots of time for fun and math at the same time- a definite treat for this Halloween!


  1. I hope the grab bag worked well for you!

  2. I love this idea. It gives the students a treat while they are working on a worksheet. Candy usually keeps them quiet until it runs out. Extra candy is key. I hope this was a great tactic for you and that you are able to use again this year.

    Paula Holt

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