Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Math Activities I Discovered @ MTBoS

Everything I needed to know I learned from the MTBoS.... Well not EVERYTHING but I have the MTBoS to thank for many of my successful lessons/strategies taught so far this school year. A great place to begin that will prove my point would be the Middle School Math Wiki. This is a resource full of lessons sent in by the MTBoS community. Do you like to use interactive notebooks in your math class? There are lots of examples from countless bloggers to be found here- and they are awesome. The MTBoS community can almost be overwhelming. Where to start? Find a few bloggers that you like and follow them. See who they follow and check out those blogs as well. This should get you hooked. Just a few examples of  activities that I have used in my classroom to introduce my middle school students to linear equations  that have been influenced by the MTBoS are: Mr. Vaudrey's Mullet Ratio lesson, Fawn Ngyen's Barbie Bungee lesson, Cheesemonkey's Double Stuf Oreo lesson, Graphing Stories video site, Mathalicious...and that is just what I have used in the last month or so. As I said in my previous post, you will not regret learning more about MTBoS. Get started on the 8 week session on MTBoS today and you will see what I mean.

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