Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mission #3 @MTBoS Collaboration Nation

One of the best things about teaching math in this day and age is the collaboration between teachers that technology makes possible.  The Resources listed for us to look through for the MTBoS mission #3 are all favorites of mine that I have used in my middle school classroom depending on my needs and shared with the other teachers at my school. The Desmos Graphing Calculator is about the easiest graphing calculator to use ever. My students love it. I like to use 101 Questions, Estimation 180, and Math Mistakes for bell work activities. Easy, fun and quick. The variety is amazing and my students find the topics interesting/funny. It is nice to be able to pull out a problem from Math Mistakes and have students look for what was done wrong and describe how they would explain to the student how to correct it. Estimation 180 is fun with the variety available....loved the hot dogs inside the liter bottle the other day- hysterical! I have contributed in the past to Made4Math and have gotten some great ideas for things to make for my own math classroom from the other teachers. VisualPatterns is great to use in the Algebra classroom. I love the variety of patterns. Whole lessons can be taught from the Visual Patterns sight. Don't stop at this site. Fawn Nguyen's Finding Ways to Nguyen Students Over is a must read. She always has ideas that you can put right to use in your classroom. She is so creative. I would love to have had a teacher like her when I was in school... or how cool would it be to work with her?

When you get right down to it the MTBoS has so much to offer teachers. It is all there for the taking- you just need to look. The Resources listed for Mission #3 this week is a great place to start!


  1. I found Math Mistakes to be a fascinating site, one I could likely get lost in for hours. But it had never occurred to me to share it with students. That's brilliant! I think my first graders would love to look for errors in student work (I'd likely have to find it elsewhere but I'm sure that's possible) and I could learn a lot about their understandings from such an exercise.

  2. I also never thought to use Math Mistakes as a bell work activity...what a great idea!

  3. Math Mistakes as bell work?! I agree, a great idea! It also would help in me making up ways students do things incorrectly, for students to find the errors. It's tough trying to do things wrong!