Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keeping It All Together- Mission #6 MTBoS

How do I keep all of the ideas I find in the MathTwitterBlogosphere organized? This week's topic is one that has changed for me over this past year. Google Reader was my feed reader of choice. I used it to follow all of my favorite teacher blogs. Diigo was an easy way to save and share some of my favorite ideas that I discovered with other teachers on my staff. I used Tweet Deck  at first for Twitter but I am not one of those teachers that has time to tweet throughout the day and/or keep up with other teacher tweets.

This summer I prepared for Google Reader going away by moving all my feeds to Feedly. It has worked out okay. Another magazine style feed reader that I find myself using even more than Feedly is Flipboard. This is a free app and since my school has iPads, Flipboard is super convenient for me to use. Flipboard allows you to link up to all of your blogs as well as Twitter. My school  uses Google and Flipboard allows me to follow my circles from Google+, So I am basically able to follow all three in just one place. Like I said earlier- Super Convenient! Here is a link to my Math Ideas Magazine. Flipboard manages to keep all of my MTBoS in one place and allows easy collaboration with others.

I have also created my own Virtual Filing Cabinets using Google Sites. These are sites that I add to throughout the year that I share with my middle school staff. I have my math virtual file organized by grade level and topic for easy to find lesson ideas. Another easy to use virtual filing cabinet is Livebinders. I have several of my Livebinders attached here on my math blog that you can check out if you want. As you can see they are easy to create and share with others.Technology definitely has enabled me to expand my learning beyond the classroom!


  1. I do need to add a collaborative aspect to my storage system (currently evernote). Sounds like you have that part down. Do you add everything you find or just the stuff you use regularly (how ever you define regularly).

    1. I only add items into my virtual file cabinet that I absolutely love. If there is an item that looks interesting that I want to try out I just save it in my emails or my Flipboard until I get the chance. I only want to share what I think is really worthwhile.

    2. I too am very picky about the things that I save. It is easy to end up with far too many resources. One thing I did find helpful was to create a Word document for all the little points that come up, i.e. ideas that can be summarised in one short sentence.

  2. You're way ahead of the game with all the tools you have tried. I am a live binder fan myself. My general rule is that if an item is good enough to share with a colleague, I file it.

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  5. Christy,

    Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I am taking a course in college that requires me to have a blog and read other blogs! I am going to school for Secondary Education/Mathematics.

    You have provided me with so many new online tools to try out. I think it is amazing that you have tried so many sites to organize your information! I was already planning on getting use to TweetDeck, but now I'm interested in looking at Feedly and Flipboard. I'm not sure which one I'm going to want to use the most yet, but I will find out!

    Thanks for this very informative post!
    Jennifer Cole

  6. I am Paula Holt a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I am majoring in Elementary Education in hopes of getting a 6 grade math teaching job. I have read over this post and enjoyed every second of it. I like to think I am organized, but in reality i am far from it. This is a great way to remind you and to help others stay organized and provide new links to the future educators. I love the fact that you can follow three sites with just one app, so much more convenient. Thank you for taking the time to express these sites that work for you.

    Thank You,

    Paula Holt